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Well positioned with the triad of strategy, organization and personnel

In our consultancy, we skilfully play the triad of strategy, organization and personnel. The integration of strategy, organizational and personnel consulting enables us to successfully design and implement highly complex transformation processes – and together with you we achieve measurable results in your company. The elements of leadership and organizational culture are also proactively integrated into the consulting on change processes and thus become an important revenue driver for achieving your new vision of the future.

In order to change a company in the long term and to strengthen its adaptability to dynamic environmental conditions, our consulting services focus on third-order change – an innovative method of change management. In this way you change your organization sustainably and radical restructuring can be avoided in the future.

The integration of strategy, organization and personnel with the two elements of leadership and culture is essential – and with us you have all these services under one roof and experts at your side.

Organizational Transformation


Our understanding of change management

Changes can take different forms in organizations. We differentiate between the following three levels:

  • First-order changes: Adjustments that are part of the natural optimization of an organization, e.g. the introduction of new software
  • Second-order changes: Reactions to an acute change event, e.g. crisis management or the identification of a problem that requires radical restructuring.
  • Third-order changes: Improving an organization’s ability to learn and adapt in order to identify opportunities at an early stage and avoid radical restructuring. This can happen on the one hand through a genotypic transformation, on the other hand through forward-looking self-renewal.

In order to successfully plan and implement third-order changes, it is essential to consider the five elements of strategy, organization, personnel, leadership and culture. We would be happy to provide you with our more than 30 years of experience from a wide range of industries and types of organizations to ensure that your organization is also capable of acting in the future.

Together with you, we enable solutions that do not yet exist today.

Organizational Transformation

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