Innovation is an important factor for success in our economy. Without it, the wheels would soon stop spinning. One thing is certain: There is a difference between searching for an oil field and maintaining one. Accounting for this difference opens up new possibilities.

Richard Feyn, Physics Nobel Prize Winner wrote: “One of nature’s most fascinating attributes is that it allows for a multitude of ways to interpret it.”

Albert Einstein commented: “Whether or not you can observe something depends on the theory you are using. The theory determines what you see.” The way in which one observes an organization can therefore become the deciding bottleneck.

Variaction – Selection and Re-stabilization, substantially influenced by the mindset of an organization, are the basic elements required for a successful innovation process. The new management concept Foresighted Self-Renewal changes your view on the innovation process and enables you to identify and use the novel.

Recognize Market Developments quickly and use this Knowledge Strategically

Foresighted Self-Renewal reveals the challenges and opportunities your company faces and makes them transparent. The concept allows you to effectively modify and change established processes and routines ahead of time. This secures a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

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