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In times of increased competition and rising customer expectations, it is necessary to prove oneself in the market. A lot of organizations are hence confronted with the questions:

How can we – with an attractive and individual service offer – achieve high customer loyalty? And how can we make it more difficult for our competitors to acquire customers?

Thus, Organizations are facing the challenge to meet their customers’ needs. This is only possible by analyzing and internalizing the various needs of the different customer groups and, as a next step, transferring this new knowledge into highly attractive and customized value propositions.

Four steps to an attractive Value Proposition

The Innovative Customer Segmentation enables an organization to develop unique service offers. By dealing with the specific needs of potential customers and the following characterization and segmentation, an organization will be able to work out unique value propositions that will create unique selling propositions (USPs).

Observation pattern
The first step is to define the differentiation criteria and the observation pattern for the customer characterization and the segmentation process.

Innovative customer segmentation
The next step is to identify the different customer needs, behaviors and expectations as well as the characteristic customer clusters.

Core competencies
During the third process phase the organizational, core competencies that provide the basis to define the focus segments and specify the target value proposition, have to be analyzed.

Specific value propositions
The last step is to choose the relevant customer segmentation in conjunction with the customer loyalty potential as well as to specify and define the value propositions.

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SEDLÁK & PARTNER provides you with new methods of customer segmentation to ensure USPs, and advises you during the conceptual design and implementation of your innovative customer segmentation management. The result is a unique service offering sustainable competitive advantages. We have years of experience in terms of diverse solutions for various types of organizations and suitable for different industries.

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