The City of Mannheim – a blue print for change and progress

Published by on 26. May 2015 in category Concepts
The City of Mannheim – a blue print for change and progress

In the context of a presentation on the topic of leadership and change in highly complex social systems, Robert A. Sedlák explained the challenges executives face when it comes to successfully managing sustainable change processes.

Executives of the City of Mannheim address current topics

After a brief introduction by the Lord Mayor, Dr. Peter Kurz, Guest Prof. Robert A. Sedlák provided answers to the following questions:

  • How do we define organizations from the perspective of systems theory?
  • How can the foresighted self-renewal be integrated in organizations?
  • What are the associated challenges for executives?
  • What are the levers for change?
  • What are the paradoxes that executives have to manage?
  • What roles do the employees have in change processes and how to deal with it?
  • What possibilities for intervention can help to design the change process successfully?
  • What are the implications for your change process?

The presentation was followed by an intense and interesting debate.

Mannheim in a change process – a flagship initiative for politics and economy

Stadt MannheimIt is impressive what the Lord Mayor Dr. Kurz and his team have achieved since 2008.
The City of Mannheim can well be considered a benchmark for economic organizations.

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