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Steigenberger, Kempinksi and TUI –according to the results of a ranking which was carried out by the ServiceValue GmbH, the Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. and the newspaper “Die Welt”, these three companies are the „Service-Champions“ 2012 (Research study „Service-Champions“ and Service-Rankings 10/2012).

The results show that, especially companies operating within the catering and hotel industry, scored high in terms of service. Such a focus on providing good service is expectable with hotels, restaurants and tour operators because, particularly in those businesses, the experienced services and the behaviours of the employees constitute the basis of evaluation. A friendly, motivated and customer-focused attitude at all times is essential to meet the customers’ demands and, as a result, to make a significant contribution to the organizational success.

But how is it feasible to efficiently increase the service competencies of the employees?

Service competencies are based on the attitudes of the employees. In order to meet the customers’ expectations and, thus, being able to keep up with the business competition, a targeted training of the behaviour and the attitudes of the employees is necessary. For this purpose, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is a good option because this innovative learning method focuses specifically on these characteristics.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an innovative computer-/media-supported training tool which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process, time- and location-independently. It offers a learning environment which applies experiential learning methods in a situated context to develop core competencies as well as specific competencies. Especially within the sectors “Customer Advice” and “Maintaining Good Customer Relationships” service competencies can thereby be extended and the behaviour as well as the motivation of the employees can be developed and improved specifically. With the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR, an implementation of a new service philosophy or the launch of new service standards can also be accelerated and impacts can be measured.


The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR authentically simulates real life situations, which have to be evaluated by the trainee. Due to the immediate feedback of the virtual coach, the learner can transfer the gained experience into new knowledge and apply it to real life situations.

Compared to other training methods, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR offers many advantages. Decentralized employee groups can be reached quickly, within reasonable timeframes and at expenses, which are clearly calculable in advance, virtually overnight as well as time- and location- independently. Employees have the opportunity to learn flexibly, at a time and places they like and on their own, without considerably affecting the productivity during their everyday working life. The organization meets individual requirements without the coordination efforts from the HR departments and fosters the self-responsibility for the continuing process of personal education. Competencies are developed by taking into consideration of the company specific success factors, which lead to higher performance. Achievements are clearly traceable, as the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is able to carry out a precise competency measurement.


SEDLÁK & PARTNER offers up-to-date methods for a targeted development of competencies for demanding situations in leadership, sales and service. We have years of experience, based on diverse solutions for various types of organizations and suitable for different industries.

Further information on the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR can be found here. Should you have any questions, our competent consultant team is at your disposal or schedule your free, personal online-dialogue now.

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