SEDLÁK & PARTNER visits CeBIT – Innovative Industries Nanjing

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SEDLÁK & PARTNER visits CeBIT – Innovative Industries Nanjing

On Monday, March 14. 2016, the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area hosted a successful event together with the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) to present the different industrial zones in Nanjing and to establish the cornerstone for future cooperation. Not only the exciting talks about rapid developments in the fields of software and IT but also the subsequent match-making with the 40-member Chinese delegation and the other visitors of the event have made the visit worthwhile.

Nanjing is one of the three core cities in the Yangtse-Delta, besides Shanghai and Hangzhou. It has become one of the most economically powerful Chinese cities with a population of about 6.5 million inhabitants and a gross national product of 960 billion RMB in 2015 (1). Yet, this does not free Nanjing from the impacts of the phase of the ‘new normality’, which is the redefined term  of the ‘economic crises in China (2). The City Government in Nanjing already adapts urgent, sufficient, and effective measures in order to bring the growth model of the ‘new normality’ on the right track. To give impetus to the development of this year’s five-year plan at the beginning of the ‘new normality’, the city government in Nanjing promotes stronger development of the more traditional industries with regard to the implementation of high technologies, innovations, and modern branches of service all the more boldly (3).

Presentation of the 3 Industry Areas in Nanjing

The presentation of the 3 industrial zones of Nanjing (please see the detailed description below), as well as the stands of companies, such as, Nanjing Ticom Tech Co., Ltd., Nanjing Songen Electronic Co., Ltd., etc. settled in Nanjing used the CeBIT to introduce themselves to the visitors and tried to lay the foundations for a future project cooperation with potential partners from Germany together with an invited 40 heads of Chinese delegation.

Companies, such as, Nanjing Ticom Tech Co., Ltd., Nanjing Songen Electronic Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jingguding Scientific & Technical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yun Tian Digital Technology, and Snowebb InfoTec Co., Ltd introduced themselves to the visitors and tried to lay the foundations for a future project cooperation with potential partners from Germany together with 40 heads of delegation.

SEDLÁK & PARTNER with Made-in-China.comSEDLÁK & PARTNER was invited to the presentation of the industrial site of Nanjing as a member of the German-Chinese Trade Association (DCW). We operate far beyond the borders of this province, with our branch office in Shanghai. Our many years of project experience in Asia has led to a special range of services, especially for Western companies that are domiciled and operating in Asia. Through our expertise, particularly with regard to understanding the differences between the Western and Asian culture as well as the implementation of German excellence through strategic projects, we offer a special benefit to our customers and are a competent partner when it comes to market entries and cooperation between German and Chinese companies.

Listing of the three industrial zones including the settled down companies in Nanjing (4):

  • Nanjing Jiangbei New Area – serves as a home for the „Nanjing New&high technology Industry development Zone, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Nanjing Cross-Strait Technology Industry Park, Pukou Economic Development Zone, Zijin Technology Incubation Special Park, and the University Technology Park
  • Nanjing High-tech Zone – presented the „Nanjing Software Park, Nanjing Biopharmaceutical Valley, National Animation Industry Base, and the first Overseas Students Pioneer Park in China
  • Nanjing Pukou Economic Development Zone – with the “TSMC, Tsinghua Unigroup, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, and CRRC” have settled down as the most important players for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing, life and health industry, high-end equipment and many more

Practical International Examples:


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