Jobprofile mit validierten Persönlichkeitsprofilen

Company strategy and goals as well as the relevant environments of an organization demand specific organizational requirements. For a successful recruitment these requirements have to be defined in the job profile, which also has to consider the strategy and future visions and concretize the target/actual difference between present and future.

Organizational requirements and the organizational DNA significantly influence the requirement profile for people. The decisive question here is: What has to be done, decided and handled to achieve the desired performance within the framework of the individual function?

Matching requirement profiles with personality profiles

Matching between requirement and personality profile

After the organizational requirements have been specified, the requirement profile for suitable candidates can be developed including the following elements:

Personality Profile:

How should the personality based on valid personality traits look like in order to fulfill the organizational requirements and related performance expectations with a high probability?

Competence Profile:

Which basic and special competences (knowledge, attitude and skills) are necessary to solve the function-related tasks in an optimal way?


Which special experiences resp. qualifications are success-critical for the performance?

K.O. Criteria:

Which are the known and clear K.O. criteria that disqualify a candidate?

The organizational requirements combined with the requirement profile for the candidate build the job profile, which is the basis for a successful recruiting and a targeted employee development.

The alignment between the requirement profile and the candidate profile provides reliable information about the level of the candidate’s suitability for the position in question.

The personality profile of the employees is also essential

A special feature of the requirement profile is the validated personality profile.

In many selection processes the sole emphasis is put on the professional qualification. However, one of the success criteria within a function is also the personality profile of a candidate. The personality structure significantly influences the success of the employee – both within the function and in the organization in general. Often, the failure of a candidate is due to his behavior and is not a result of a lacking professional qualification.

The personality profile is developed under the consideration of organization-specific requirements and is validated thereafter. The closer the match between the candidate’s profile and the validated personality profile, the greater are the chances for a successful performance of the candidate for the function to be filled.

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