Positioning of the organization

Against the background of our organizational understanding, we know that organizations tend to hold on to their established processes, structures, routines, and rules. This type of self-reference regularly results in the fact that organizations lose their ability to react to present challenges in their relevant environments.

Leadership needs to accept the responsibility of a constant alignment between the existing organization and future requirements. Often strategic repositioning reveals the organizational need for development with its full consequences.

In this context, the following question has to be answered:

Which kind of organization does the organization need to be able to prove its competitiveness, also in the future?

What we are referring to are the existing structure and design principles of a future organization. It is necessary to determine which dominant logic the organizational structure should follow. In this case, we differentiate between e. g. the business division structure that includes companies within companies, a primarily process-oriented organization that coordinates the happening mainly around a core process, a function-oriented organization that structures sub-units around clearly defined functional focuses, or a project organization which assumes that the business is carried out primarily based on projects, for example plant engineering or construction industry. In such design processes developed solutions often combine these different logics in a specific way in order to satisfy the multiple goals of the strategic positioning.

When answering these questions the focus should be put on the following:

  • Ensuring continuous customer orientation
  • Mastering of internationalization steps, both in managerial and organizational context
  • Design of communication structures
  • Establishment of processes for decision-finding
  • Set up of suitable leadership structures, especially the establishment of a capable management team
  • Clarification of decision competency and responsibility
  • Clarification of roles and tasks
  • Working out function descriptions and related competency profiles

We accompany and support you

S&P supports you in developing the organizational design suitable for your strategy. We have many years of experience regarding different solutions for various organizational types suitable for different industries.

We use our expertise to mobilize the knowledge available in your organization to answer these questions in a targeted manner. These professionally managed processes result in solutions that provide content-related answers but also consider the commitment of the involved key players. Organizational solutions achieved on this basis create a solid ground to successfully advance the implementation of the envisioned solution through a targeted change management.

S&P has a comprehensive repertoire to channel these usually extensive and suspenseful transformation processes into constructive directions.

The implementation of sophisticated organizational designs rely on the learning ability of the organization and the key players at different levels. Otherwise, such processes get caught up in inevitable reactions and resistance and come to nothing, like various practical examples show. It is part of the core competencies of S&P to develop and implement suitable learning architectures to increase the learning ability both at the organizational and the personnel level.

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