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DSA Digital Sales AssistantThe Digital Sales Assistant (DSA) – developed by SEDLÁK & PARTNER – is an innovative marketing and training tool for your sales team. As a marketing tool, the DSA increases sales efficiency through integrated, interactive and personalized presentation elements. As a training tool, it ensures the ongoing qualification of your sales force and provides it with current information.

Rapid technological progress and the associated ever-increasing complexity of products demand a continuous training of your sales team in order to ensure a successful knowledge transfer to the customer. In particular, if your products require a high level of consulting and explanation.

Furthermore, customer demands have changed through the increasing digitalization. Clients expect a targeted and customized approach that goes far beyond the standard product presentation. In light of the increasing individualization, the sales force needs to increase the personal relevance for customers through new content and arouse their interest to provide an added value.

Support your sales consultants in conveying the values and benefits of your product – for a successful and lasting customer relationship.

The most important features at a glance

Key Features for your Sales Force

dsa every time place sedlak
Independent, Self-directed Training
The DSA provides independent training, irrespective of time and location. Through the cloud, the latest information is made available to the sales team.
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Training at the Point of Sale 
The interactive character of the DSA ensures the ongoing qualification of your sales team, also in dialog with customers. It helps to explain difficult contexts in a confident and competent way.

Key Features for your Customers

product information dsa sedlak
Product Information at the Point of Sale
Interactive and personalized presentation elements support product explanation and promote the dialog between the sales representative and the customer.

technology qr code dsa sedlak
Customer Integration
The QR code function of the DSA allows your customers to deal with a product independent of a sales consultant.

Enhancing the potential of the sales team

sales team dsa sedlakThe DSA integrates all necessary sales tools in one configurable application. In particular, technically complex product features can be explained in a dynamic and customer-specific way, supported by interactive elements, such as 3D animations, infographics, or product configurators. Required content can be individually retrieved and combined via the app – from general information about a product to extensive details. The sales conversation is reduced to customer-relevant content, specific questions are selectively answered in a personal dialog and the customer is actively involved. Subsequently, digitally collected data can be sent to the customer in an information package, without lengthy post-processing.

At the same time, the digital content can be used by your sales consultants to inform themselves or for further training. The DSA allows independent and self-directed training, irrespective of time and location. In addition to the possibility for training, the sales representative can recall important product information shortly before the sales meeting. All materials are distributed to your sales force from a centralized cloud system. Thus, the data is made available automatically and up-to-date on the tablets and smartphones – for a clear and consistent positioning of your products and brand.

The DSA supports your sales consultants during the entire sales process.

customer sales dsa sedlakSelectively integrate your customers

With the QR function of the application, your customers can retrieve relevant digital information and experience complex product features interactively, at any time and independent of a sales person. The customer is introduced to product benefits in a playful way. The DSA is a readily accessible, digital experience.

Benefits of the Digital Sales Assistant

  1. Flexibility – One software tool for salesforce training and customer information
  2. Complexity Reduction – Entertaining and simple explanation of complex and products through interactive elements
  3. Brand Consistency – Worldwide consistent brand and product positioning through centralized distribution of information
  4. Individualization – Customized sales presentation tailored to customer needs and interests
  5. Efficiency – Reduction of training costs in sales

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