Innovative Customer Segmentation Opens Up New Business Opportunities

Published by on 8. Dec 2014 in category Concepts
Innovative Customer Segmentation Opens Up New Business Opportunities

Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize winner in physics writes on the topic of  ‘different viewpoints and reality’: “We cannot unambiguously identify, which interpretation of reality is the right one. One interpretation can be right for a certain purpose, another can be right for a different one.

Customer Segmentation is a specific construction of reality, heavily influenced by an organizational understanding that has developed over time. Oftentimes this understanding goes unquestioned for too long, resulting in a situation where Value Propositions do not address the requirements and expectations of existing and potential customers. What was once right may now be outdated – and in the end the price is the only differentiating criterion.

Our practical examples show that size, branch, location, revenue, and profit margin are the wrong selection criteria to determine suitable Value Propositions. Not every major client has the same expectations. Other selection criteria are necessary to develop Value Propositions that really meet the needs and wants of strategic target groups.

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