“Coaching” Competence for Chinese Teachers

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“Coaching” Competence for Chinese Teachers

Together with East China Normal University (ECNU), the first-class pedagogic university in China, we established the “ECNU-S&P Research Center for ICT-Enabled Systemic Changes and Innovations” in the Spring of 2013. The research center’s goals are to develop and validate appropriate concepts, models, methods and tools, enabling an effective utilization of the information and communication technologies (ICT) in the context of change processes of modern organizations. These concepts, models, methods and tools shall also be applied in the education sector. In particular, research focuses on which change impulses occur when using ICT; and how to apply these impulses in order to achieve sustainable culture changes, not only in the education industry but also other sectors, such as commerce and healthcare.

Research Project in China

As part of the research, personality and competency profiles of a specific target group of Chinese teachers will be initially developed. As a result, validated personality and competency measurements will be developed and incorporated into the recruiting process, which in turn contributes significantly to deciding upon a candidate’s suitability. In the phase to follow, PERFORMANCE SIMULATORs, an innovative form of ICT, will be produced, which will significantly improve the teachers’ qualifications. This stage will focus on both the teachers’ attitudes as well as the culture-specific aspects of their work. In addition, a Sino-German education platform will also be established, which is comprised of educational administrations and research institutions in Germany and China. The education platform shall promote bilateral communication and cooperation in research topics.

Our first mutual project focuses on the development of the competence cluster “coaching”. The purpose is to enable a teacher to act as a coach to students. The research also aims to professionalize coaching. We have set up a highly competent research team, who will prepare appropriate methods for the development of individual competences belonging to the competence cluster “Coaching”, and to describe the valid behavior indicators.

The ECNU-S&P Research Center, as well as its research projects, will be co-managed by Prof. Zhu Zhiting, Dean of the Open Education College at ECNU and Guest Professor Robert A. Sedlák ECNU Shanghai, Managing Partner and Chairman of SEDLÁK & PARTNER International Consulting Group.

About Prof. Zhu Zhiting

Prof. Zhu ZhitingZhu Zhiting holds a professorship at the East China Normal University (ECNU) and is Dean of the Open Education College (OEC). As an educational expert, he guides and accompanies several (research) projects in China. Amongst other things, he chairs the China E-Learning Technology Standardization Committee (CELTSC) belonging to the Ministry of Education and has significantly contributed to the Chinese education technology standardization System. He chaired and participated in several major educational (research) projects and has greatly impacted the Chinese teacher education, information technology as well as other fields. Prof. Zhu Zhiting’s research interests include the theoriesy of educational information, digital learning system architecture and technical standards, network distance education, teacher professional development by information technology, ICT and education culture change. He has published more than 20 books and more than 180 academic articles.

About the East China Normal University

Founded in 1951, the East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the key universities under the China Ministry of Education (MOE). The university has currently 21 colleges, more than 4,000 employees and more than 27,000 students. The ECNU is particularly distinguished by their teacher Training, which that is top-ranking ever since. For example, the Open Education College focuses on teacher education and has developed professional advanced qualification programs. In June 2013, the Ministry of Education assigned the Open Education College the responsibility to act as the Executive Office for the project of “Enhance the Ability of National Primary and Secondary Teachers in the Application of Information Technology”. Within the next five years, this project aims to set competence standards and management practices of specific training for millions of Chinese primary and secondary school teachers.

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