Systemic organizational consulting in the triad

In order to successfully design the transformation of a company, the triad of strategy, organization and personnel is essential. With us, you have all services in one hand and experts at your side.

Successful transformations depend on a strategic positioning of the organization in the market, the development and implementation of an appropriate agile organization design and the optimal staffing of key functions. The topics of strategy, organization, and personnel are mutually dependent and therefore form a triad that needs to be managed. In addition to skillfully orchestrating the triad of “strategy – organization – personnel”, the elements of leadership and corporate culture also play a decisive role.

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We empower you to initiate a sustainable structural change and
enable your organization to continuously renew itself.


Foresighted self-renewal enables your organization to recognize possible and necessary changes at an early stage and utilize them to ensure the future viability of your company. The opportunities and risks associated with the changes inevitably influence the strategic positioning, organizational design and staffing. Its realization often requires sophisticated change and transformation processes.As systemic organizational consultants, we proceed according to the 3rd mode, in that the social and time dimensions are equally considered, synchronized and integrated in the architecture from the very beginning, alongside the processing of the content-related dimension.

Our consulting empowers your organization to design the process of the foresighted self-renewal in an increasingly independent manner.