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“Ifo-Index Disappoints Euro-Investors” was a recent headline published by the Handelsblatt (24.09.2012). According to the information, in September, the ifo-business climax index fell from 102.3 to 101.4 points. As expected, negative export forecasts are anticipated for the first time in the past three years. The disposition within the German economy has declined for the fifth consecutive time. Reason enough to detach one’s self from the general disposition at an early stage and strengthen one’s own market position. How?

Through targeted Outside-In-Initiative with Innovative Customer Segmentation whilst focusing on one’s own service offer. Take advantage of a new, trial and tested method to recognize customer segments and to work out their specific characteristics. With it, demand on attractive offers for various customer segments becomes precise as you distance yourself from the commodity trap. When implementing the innovational grid for Customer Segmentation, you renounce traditional views and mobilize new energy and opportunities within your organization.

SEDLÁK & PARTNER advises you during the conceptual design and realization of innovative Customer Segment Management. The result is a unique service offer with a sustainable competitive edge. We have years of experience, based on diverse solutions for various types of organizations and suitable for different industries.

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