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Our innovative training tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has been successfully registered as a trademark by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (HABM) and is thus protected as a word/figurative mark across the EU in all required classes. The Trademark registration emphasizes the uniqueness and quality of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®.

The legitimate brand protection of the training tool has been regarded as a particular success for the SEDLÁK & PARTNER International Consulting Group. The company now has exclusive rights to use the registered word/figurative mark PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® during application, production and distribution of the training tool.


Targeted competences development and measurement

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is a computer and media-supported training tool for competence measurement and development, with which decentralized groups of people can use mobile devices to access training content regardless of time and place. With this innovative technology, necessary learning and change processes can be efficiently established in an organization.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is based on the neuroscientific findings, according to which, an individual experiences an observed action as a sort of inner simulation. Consequently, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® creates an authentic learning environment by simulating situations critical to success. The trainees evaluate the simulated situation. A virtual coach then provides immediate feedbacks and helps the trainees to understand and learn from the simulations and to implement what they have learned into practice. In such a learning process, the trainees will train the desired attitudes and performance related behaviors that contribute to the business success. With the innovative tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® , the effect of blended learning concepts will be sustainably increased.

In business, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has already proved to be a training tool for targeted competence development for complex and demanding situations. The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has also been used in the professionalization of teachers in Germany and the expansion of educational leadership in China.

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