Find and retain talents in the Chinese labour market which meet the requirements of your organization

In a cooperative study with the East China Normal University (ECNU), SEDLÁK & PARTNER was able to showcase that Western companies are not satisfied with the professional qualification of Chinese graduates.

It is not primarily technical skills that Chinese graduates lack. It is rather the methodical and social competences that are not sufficiently trained which makes it difficult for young professionals to successfully and effectively implement their knowledge in the business practice. In particular in Western companies cultural differences often lead to the fact that young professional are not able to deploy their full potential.

Young Chinese have impressive capabilities which enable them to learn quickly by heart and to easily grasp process steps. However, since the overall educational system in China is very much focused on theory, many graduates lack practical knowledge, requirement-oriented qualification and decision-making power. Therefore, the ability to think and act proactively should be conveyed to most young talents at work as quickly as possible.

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In the context of the research cooperation with the ECNU, SEDLÁK & PARTNER has developed a smart program for combined leadership development and talent management which makes it easier, in particular for Western companies, to recruit suitable junior staff, successfully integrate these talents in the operational work processes and keep them in the company for the long term:

The recruitment of qualified and suitable skilled workers often presents a major challenge for Western companies since Chinese recruitment methods are distinctly different from the recruitment methods in other countries. We help you achieve the optimal match between your requirements and the competence and personality profiles of the candidates.

In the context of the research cooperation with the ECNU, SEDLÁK & PARTNER has designed a concept aiming specifically at managers in international operating companies to clearly analyse and develop the potential of talents.

Chinese graduates often have excellent theoretical knowledge which is not fully deployed in practice.
Young Chinese lack the methodical competence to transfer their expertise to occupational requirements. Furthermore, they lack the confidence to admit their weaknesses in public, proactively ask questions or to take on project responsibility in an autonomous and solution-oriented manner.

Make the development of these methodical competences a management task.

Within the framework of the program for combined leadership development and talent management, SEDLÁK & PARTNER clearly diagnoses the potential of your talents and empowers your managers to carry out a development plan that is aligned with the requirements of the organization and to reflect its effects regularly and efficiently.

As part of the research cooperation within the ECNU-S&P Research Center, we have designed a unique development program for managers in China, executives and employees in charge of personnel that interlinks the newest insights from neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy in a targeted manner and is specifically aligned with the socio-economic structures of the Chinese working and education system.

The development program relies on the neuroscientific understanding of human learning and actions represented by the “ZRM®“ Zurich Resource Model. The effective ZRM® approach is complemented by action-oriented learning models from business education as well as elements of Sùzhì (素質 / 素质) and confucianism which are part of the traditional Chinese pedagogy.

In concrete terms, the development program aims at the deficits of young professionals in China which have been reported back by Western companies in the “Smart Education China” study:

It is not primarily technical skills that Chinese graduates lack. They rather lack methodical and social competences that enable them to efficiently apply theoretical knowledge in the organization. These development potentials can be addressed in an efficient way by interlocking neuro-didactics, models of action-oriented learning from business education and Sùzhì:

Certified ZRM® coaches enable managers and employees in charge of personnel to lead young professionals and their employees in general through a diversified set of systemic analyses, coaching and interactive self-help techniques in developing self-management competences and strengthening their initiative and autonomy potential constantly.

The development program integrates elements of the German Dual System and trains your managers through action-oriented workshops to eliminate the isolation between the theoretical knowledge transfer and the necessary professional activities to process concrete organizational tasks on the job.

In this way, the talent management can be combined cost-effectively to valuable tasks of the organization. The transformation of theoretical knowledge into operational practice is supported as well as the holistic consideration of work processes.

We enable your managers to develop the potential of the respective employees in a targeted manner and thereby to contribute to the sustainable development of the available human resources and organizational units.

Sùzhì describes a holistic education approach which is derived from Confucian education. It differs considerably from ìngshì jiàoyù (應試教育 / 应试教育), an education and training approach which primarily aims at examinations. Elements from this education concept are utilized in the development program in order to open up managers towards interactive workshop methods and to train social competences for professional leadership. In this way, participants develop their knowledge, willingness and abilities based on the personal perception of the world through practical actions – with head, heart and hand. In this way the program supports your managers and the respective employees to strengthen their professional working relationships

Due to many years of experience, our coaches on site are familiar with the cultural similarities and differences between the Western organizational culture and Chinese work ethics and take these into account when addressing the diagnosed strengths and weaknesses. Thereby, our coaches help both young professionals and internal trainers unfold their potentials and considerably contribute to measurable performance improvements.

With our concept you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of leadership and thus improve the profitability of your branch office in China.

Additionally, the implementation of our unique program to combine leadership and talent management contributes to a long-term commitment of high potentials to the company.

We would be happy to present our concept for the development of executives and high potentials who work for western companies in China. Feel free to contact us.

Feel free to contact us!
We present you our onboarding concept specially developed for Chinese young professionals in western groups.

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