Corporate culture - from bottleneck to success factor

Corporate culture – bottleneck or enabler?

Whether it’s strategy work, recruiting, retaining top performers, or handling day-to-day business, corporate culture is either an enabler or a bottleneck. [contact-form-popup button-text=”Arrange Online Meeting” name=”Julia Kobert” position=”Corporate Communications” image=”//” phone=”+49 4102 69 93 21″ email=”” contact-form-id=”24462″ title=”I’m looking forward to your inquiry!” subtitle=”Learn more about our consulting approach and successfully completed projects.”]

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Technical Paper Smart Education China

Research article published in the ECNU Journal

Publication of the research report on the quality of the Chinese education system Together with the ECNU (East China Normal University), the second-largest state university and one of the most renowned comprehensive universities in China, SEDLÁK & PARTNER founded the ECNU-S&P Research Center in 2013. As part of this research collaboration, the Smart Education China…

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Management consultant for sustainability

Interview: Sustainable corporate development

Interview with Robert A. Sedlák CEO SEDLÁK & PARTNER | GUEST PROFESSOR AT THE ECNU, SHANGHAI | BUSINESS MEDIATOR “Sustainability and corporate responsibility as integral components of strategic orientation“ In times of climate change and increasing scarcity of resources, sustainability is essential for companies and their business models. The political and social demand for companies…

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Five years of EVOLUTION - E/D/E

Interview: Five years of EVOLUTION

Interview with Robert A. Sedlák CEO SEDLÁK & PARTNER | GUEST PROFESSOR AT THE ECNU, SHANGHAI | BUSINESS MEDIATOR “FROM THE BEGINNING, EVOLUTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE SUSTAINABILITY AND THE STRENGTHENING OF THE E/D/E GROUP.“ Since 2016, E/D/E has been undergoing the far-reaching strategy and organizational development process EVOLUTION. This change process is professionally…

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Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation

Organizational transformationCoordinated changes at the strategy, organization, and personnel levels Is your organization ready for the future? Together with you, we develop a customized roadmap for a successful organizational transformation to align the success of your organization for the future in the fast-moving age of digitalization, climate neutrality, and sustainability. Starting with the strategic positioning…

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New Work

New Work and Requirements for Contemporary Leadership

New Work and Requirements for Contemporary Leadership The Corona pandemic has led to an openness towards more flexible working models that offer employees more freedom, whilst also demanding more personal responsibility. Many organizations are embracing core elements of New Work. Is this a temporary trend or a significant necessity in an increasingly volatile business environment?…

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