First pilot project started: E-learning platform in China

The first of our two pilot projects in the education sector has started this week in Shanghai. This is a collaboration between SEDLÁK & PARTNERS and two of the largest institutions for teacher training in Shanghai: The Institute of Education Developent (PIED) and the Teacher Training College of Songjiang (TTCS). The aims of the pilot projects…

PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is now registered as word/figurative mark

Our innovative training tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has been successfully registered as a trademark by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (HABM) and is thus protected as a word/figurative mark across the EU in all required classes. The Trademark registration emphasizes the uniqueness and quality of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®. The legitimate brand protection of the training…

Mobile Learning Injects New Impetus for Staff Development

Facing dynamic markets, constant technological changes and growing demands for innovation, organizations have to learn more rapidly and efficiently. The interlinked learning and change processes have to be established successfully within an organization, while the workability and employability need to be retained. Continuous competence development plays a central role in this context.

Expert for Targeted Development of Competencies: Dr. Yuan Zhao

Our colleague, Dr. Yuan Zhao now steps into the position “Chief Consultant of Competency Development”. Her main responsibility is to conceptualize and produce company-specified PERFORMANCE SIMUALTORS. She is also responsible for developing and evaluating specific behavior indicators included in competence models that are based on the organizational DNA.