What is systemic management consulting?


The systemic management consulting, also called systemic organizational consulting, considers not only the content-related dimension in its consulting processes but also the social and time dimensions. It therefore differs considerably from the traditional management consulting like expert consulting or process consulting.

The systemic managemet consulting is not only about the formal handling of the defined process structure. In particular, it is about how relevant problems are addressed and about the time sequence of individual process steps.

In the individual steps a communication process takes place in which different (internal and external) views and perspectives are presented and exchanged. During the discussion of these differences shared estimations and assumptions arise.

With an explicit negotiation process that exceeds the pure consolidation and comparison of information and data the systemic consulting ensures that sufficient space is created for the controversy. Since this approach also considers the management of social processes systemic management consulting encompasses much more than usual communication and facilitation measures. Furthermore, this type of consulting incorporates a special form of team development, which de facto takes place without explicitly appearing on the agenda.

The approach of the systemic management consulting takes into account that key players of the company do not only pursue corporate goals but also integrate a high degree of self-promotion and influence into communication and decision-making processes to reach personal goals.

Consulting and company analysis at eye level

Figures, data and facts regarding relevant problems and the resulting recommendations for action are introduced into the process. The data analysis takes place as a relevant discussion and agreement process in the organization.

The focus of the discussion is placed on addressing the questions which data, estimations, conclusions and recommendation should be considered or modified by the organization as well as what should be part of the further decision-making process.

This ensures that external views are critically examined and questioned and that the result is included in the decision-making processes. The systemic management consulting ascertains that the provided information is analyzed and the respective findings and conclusions are reviewed and agreed upon. Consulting thus acts as a sparring partner helping to discuss relevant questions at eye level.

Consulting without “blind spots”

In discussions, the systemic management consulting uses various perspectives and experiences from other industries to develop new insights and previously unknown possibilities for the company. This makes it possible to avoid “blind spots” of the relevant industry experts.

Change of the assessment and decision-making patterns

Systemic management consulting assumes that every company has developed a special way to assess the market, competition and own abilities based on its history, characteristics and experiences. These assessments have a certain focus and strengths but also certain “blind spots” or misjudgements. Thus, systemic consulting continuously analyses the company in the consulting process based on the following questions:

  • How does the company assess the market, competition and its own strengths?
  • What is the focus of these assessments? What does the company pay particular attention to?
  • Where are the “blind spots” and misjudgements?
  • Which opportunities, threats and possibilities for action are recognized and which cannot be seen and thus are not considered due to the “blind spots”?
  • How does the company act based on its assessments and insights and how does it make decisions?

The main focus of the systemic management consulting lies on initially recognizing these patterns and changing them by providing solid expert knowledge in a targeted way. This approach reveals blind spots, sharpens the company’s view on the market and increases the awareness for opportunities, threats and possibilities for action.

According to the systemic approach special emphasis is placed on answering many of these questions in close cooperation with the company to enhance its ability to assess the market and itself.

Systemic management consulting: Help for self-help

During the consulting process the abilities to solve problems are increased of both the involved key players and of the company as a whole. This ensures that the company can adequately deal with growing challenges in the future. Part of the goal is to avoid that the company becomes permanently dependent on comprehensive consulting services.

From the perspective of the systemic management consulting it is important that the company can handle relevant questions regarding company development on its own in the future. Its ability to solve problems, for instance the ability to recognize and assess trends and market developments as well as to agree on assessments and decisions in the management team, is strengthened in an efficient manner.

Therefore, this type of consulting promotes the ability and the potential of a company to develop independently and with foresight while taking the changing market requirements into consideration.

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