Over 90 % of Managers don’t know Threshold Levels

Identifying Threshold Levels with SEDLÁk & PARTNER

Our recent market research confirmed that responsible managers only have a vague idea regarding the threshold levels of strategic relevant customer segments, even though it is the basis for a successful differentiation strategy.
Instead, internal discussions focus on customer satisfaction – although we know that this is not an indicator for sustainable corporate success.

The concept of Innovative Customer Segmentation (ICS) with differentiated Value Propositions opens up entirely new possibilities to identify strategically relevant customer segments and to precisely define the threshold level of each customer segment. By using this approach, you can successfully deal with tendencies for commoditization and strengthen customer loyalty.

Video: Identifying Threshold Levels

The concept of Innovative Customer Segmentation enables you to systematically assess important players in your value chain in oder to work out their different requirements. This allows you to identify the threshold level as well as additional value for each and every customer segment. With this data you can develop individual and attractive Value Propositions. This unique strategic positioning ensures a unique selling proposition along with a high competitiveness.

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Innovative Customer Segmentation in your Organization

Current case studies allow you to take on a different perspective in order to extend your own competitiveness significantly. You can request further information on how to determine the threshold level for a customer segment-oriented benefit strategy by simply filling out the contact form at the end of the page.

Together we can work on a solution that will be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We will be happy to show you our practical examples and our approach in a 30 minute online dialog. Through this medium you can exchange views directly with our experts and will receive answers to your questions right away.

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