Systemtheorie - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Newer System Theory

Have extensive scientific expertise regarding economics, organizational theory, occupational psychology and the Newer System Theory.

3. Modus - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Consulting according to the third mode

All consultants are experts in one or more specific methods for solving existing problems within a company. At the same time they are also able to increase the cooperation and decision ability of involved key players and teams, and to perform the consulting session considering the various time horizons within the different fields of tasks (consulting according to the third mode).

Branchenübergreifender Fokus - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Cross-industry focus

We do not have the blind spots of the relevant industry experts as we use diverse perspectives and also include other industry experience in the consulting process in order to work out new insights and not recognized possibilities for the company.

Kundenspezifische Vorgehensweisen - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Customer-specific procedures

Based on existing experience and knowledge, the knowledge on scientifically acknowledged models and procedures and by considering customer specific requirements we develop and implement tailored solutions. During an ongoing consulting process we observe the efficiency of the procedure and continuously adapt it, if required.

Internationalität - Systemische Unternehmensberatung


Our years of project experience in North-America, Europe and Asia ensure a high level of internationality. Our office in Shanghai is the home base for all consulting projects in APAC. All consultants have international experience.

Partner für den Mittelstand und internationale Konzerne

Partner for medium-sized companies and well-known international corporations

Our clients include DAX listed companies and leading middle-sized companies. S&P have thereby extensive insights regarding these different organizational systems and is able of using this expertise in other projects.

Know-How - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Special expertise concerning types of organizations having to manage exceptional paradoxes

Due to our special view on organizations according to the New System Theory we have been able to build up a specific expertise with regard to family-owned companies and public utility companies. We know what constitute these kinds of organizational types and what kind of special paradoxes have to be managed in these organizations.

Zugang zu Netzwerken - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Access to important international networks

Our close cooperation with international networks ensures a broad access to latest expertise regarding practice and science. Through a continuous exchange within the network we ensure scientific and at the same time practical procedures.

Qualitätitätssicherung - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Quality Assurance

We know that we as a consulting company also have so called “blind spots” and don’t see everything. We therefore have renowned external scientists and experts supervising all our consulting projects.

Hohe Kundenbindung - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

High customer retention

We usually work with our clients over many years.

Internationale Standards - Systemische Unternehmensberatung

Compliance to internationally accepted quality criteria

We fulfill the international requirements for consulting companies of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and have been a Member of the Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberater (BDU) since 1989.

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