Leadership Assessment

Identifying a leader’s strengths and opportunities for development

Smart companies know that they should not leave their leaders and key players alone in new situations. They offer their managers the opportunity to work out – based on the assessment of their potentials and skills – a development program supported by targeted personnel development measures. In doing so, these organizations avoid creating unnecessary costs related to the poor performance of a leader.

In order to be able to support managers and leaders in handling their tasks at the best it is important to know their strengths and areas of development, especially in the context of their particular tasks. Based on this, we create and implement an individual development program. For the identification of the skills to be developed we recommend using a 360° feedback procedure based on standardized descriptions of observed behavior.


In case the manager / leader is to take over a new task / function we recommend to start with a targeted development program – the so called 100-Days-Program.

The development program will focus in this case on handling the requirements in the new function in a successful manner.

This way we ensure that the manager / leader is handling the organizational requirements at the best and thus achieves performance as well as contentment.

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