The Innovative Strategy Check (ISC) allows to confirm whether your current market position and strategy meet the requirements of important markets and customer segments. This will enable you to effectively utilize relevant business potentials. To this end we apply our Blended Working Concept by using valid Outside-In data about market development as well as customer expectations and potentials.

As a result of the Innovative Strategy Check, your management team will have a clear understanding of the positioning you need to adapt in order to exploit current and prospective market and business opportunities. You will know which calls for action arise from the status quo. The ISC consists of a 1-day kick-off meeting and a 3-day follow-up meeting. The process also involves a market and customer analysis executed by SEDLÁK & PARTNER.

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The Innovative Strategy Check addresses the following Questions:

  • Where do previously unrecognized growth potentials and business oppor-tunities lie?
  • What are the current and future expecta-tions of your main customer groups?
  • To what extent do you fulfil the expec-tations of your customers?
  • How can you utilize your growth poten-tials in a more targeted way?
  • What Value Propositions do your target customers require?

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