Consultancy focus

  • Development and implementation of sustainable strategies and processes
  • Design and support of change processes
  • Strategic leadership develop-ment and team development
  • International sales management
  • Pricing strategy and tactics

Extension studies/training

  • 9 Levels of Change (Spiral Dynamics)
  • Collective Advantage Process (Large group process following the syntegration method)
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) & LEA Strategic Directions (Management Research Group)
  • Performance-Happiness Expert (Global Partner, iOpener Insitute for People & Performance)
  • Business meditation (BMWA e. V.)


  • Certification for the usage of the ARP (Authority – Responsi-bility – Power: Leadership through Transforming) and GPOP/GPTP (Golden Profiler of Personality) by Prof. Dr. Richard Bents and Dr. Reiner Blank
  • Certified BMW Consultant (Retail)


German, English, French

Education and studies

  • B.A. (Political Science and Government, University of Toronto)
  • L.L.B (Law with focus on commercial law, Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario)
  • MBA (Focus: Strategy & Marketing, INSEAD, Fontainebleau)

Final degree

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government
  • L.L.B. in Law with focus on Commercial Law
  • MBA in Strategy & Marketing

Professional career

  • Senior Consulting Partner
  • Consultant for automotive-supplier-oriented software (SaaS solutions)
  • Started and built up a subsidiary company of an automotive supplier in the US
  • Consultant for acquisition and consulting
  • Consultant for SKD/CKD operations in South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia
  • Started and built up a temporary employment services company

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