Efficacy monitoring: implement your strategies successfully

A strategy can not be implemented if it can not be understood – A strategy can not be understood if it can not be clearly described.

A successful strategy implementation requires a clear distinction between the timely and formal implementation of strategic measures (measures monitoring) and the level of target achievement (efficacy monitoring). Efficacy monitoring measures the achievement of goals in the financial and customer perspective. Implementation monitoring measures the level of implementation of strategic measures in the process and enablers perspective.

Foresighted Efficacy Monitoring

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In the development of efficacy monitoring it is essential to define relevant observation points, which help to identify at an early stage if the desired effects in terms of goal achievement of the strategic initiative are obtained. Likewise, the development of adequate evaluation points, i.e. the question “At which result deviations will we decide to counteract resp. to question our measures?” is of considerable importance.

Answers to this question cannot be determined mathematically; they require a discussion in a team and an agreement that is based on assumptions.

Developing a Strategy Map

The Strategy Map is a structured and comprehensive framework for strategy description and implementation. It describes the strategy by means of explicit cause-effect relationships between the levers in the following perspectives: finance, customer, internal processes, enablers.

With the Strategy Map, a consistent cause-effect structure is built, which identifies and combines the main levers to implement the strategy and checks them for plausibility. This ensures that the resources are focused on the activities with the greatest leverage for effective strategy implementation and successful goal achievement.

Common awareness for processes

The Strategy Map displays working hypotheses underlying the strategy, creates a common awareness for the relationships between the elements of the strategy, provides structure and orientation and clarifies mutual effects within the strategy. Thus, it also presents a crucial instrument for communication, which illustrates strategic goals in the customer and financial perspective and resulting measures in the process and enablers perspective in a comprehensible way.

Without a consistent and verified Strategy Map the risk exists that measures are initiated at non-strategic levers, thus resources are wasted and a successful strategy implementation is endangered.

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