Standard competences are unsuitable for a targeted management development

There is no universal competence model that shows the same effect in every organization.

What made the difference compared to other offers?
Company-specific competence development and the possibility of a web-based, relative competence assessment.

Jede Organisation hat ihre eigene DNAUnder consideration of strategic challenges and the DNA of organizations, specific organizational capabilities are derived by means of a cultribute analysis in order to develop organization-specific leadership competences.

A cultribute is a combination of selected capabilities and cultural attributes of an organiza-tion. Cultributes serve to introduce and implement a corporate strategy and to achieve cor-porate Goals. They include the existing knowledge, selected capabilities, applied behaviors, and cultural characteristics
of an organization that are necessary for strategy implementation.

The cultribute analysis identifies what cultributes do currently exist and what cultributes are important for the future. A target-actual assessment reveals the gaps between the current and the aspired future status. Based on these results, an action plan is developed to close these gaps.

A target-actual comparison identifies the greatest needs for action.

Dimensionen_vorschauFigure 1: Target-Actual Comparison Cultribute Cluster

As a prerequisite for a web-based 360° feedback, the relevant leadership competences are identified and concretely described at the levels of knowledge, attitude and skills. The competences are then assigned to clusters. The new, specific observation and evaluation pattern forms the basis for the development of a common understanding of management as well as for a mutual assessment of strengths and opportunities for development of all managers.

Cluster mit Kompetenzbeschreibungen_vorschau Figure 2: Cluster with Competence description

Open assessments generally provide invalid average values for a targeted management development

Conventional assessment methods work with four-point or five-point scales. When candidates and feedback provider are asked to give an open assessment, meaning to evaluate each item based on the predefined scale, it often leads to average values that are unsuitable for a targeted management development.

Therefore, we have been working with the relative assessment for more than 20 years. With relative assessment, the candidate has an equal number of strengths and opportunities for development within the defined competence model. Thus, the question is not who has the best or worst result but what competences are assigned as a strength and which as an opportunity for development.

Auszug aus dem Report_vorschau
Figure 3: Report abstract with relativ appraisement

High efficiency with web-based, relative assessment for management development

With a concept for a modern online evaluation software developed by SEDLÁK & PARTNER, the leadership competence model is incorporated into a tailored, web-based feedback system. The feedback system can be used by participants independent of time and place on tablets, smartphones, PCs and notebooks.

The analysis reports are implemented according to customer-specific requirements.

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten auf diversen EndgerätenFigure 4: Possible applications upon diverse terminals

Over 20 years of tested experience

The new method allows a cost-effective implementation while ensuring high-quality results. The clear feedbacks establish a high level of acceptance among the feedback recipients. With the identified strengths and opportunities for development, specific development plans are created that serve as a basis for a targeted management development.

The introduced method has been tested and continuously developed in the last 20 years. With the web-based technology available today, specific solutions that hit the nerve of organizations and management can be provided without additional effort.

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