Planning and accompanying of suitable interventions to ensure the achievement of transaction-related strategic goals in the course of mergers or acquisitions of companies.

Starting Situation

  • Sale or acquisition of a company or parts of a company to achieve strategic business goals
  • 60 or 70 percent of all M&A activities don’t bring the results that the transaction originally aimed at
  • The development and implementation of suitable interventions regarding organizational design, management structure, filling key positions, interlinking of operational business activities, organizational culture and, in the case of corporate mergers, the creation of a new third thing


  • Definition and, if necessary, concretization respectively redevelopment of an agreed-upon vision. In the case of corporate mergers, the development of the new third thing as the guidance for the PMI process
  • Planning of the PMI process based on the vision for both the organization and employees
  • Identification of strategically relevant fields of action for a successful interlinking of established and new systems
  • Planning of measures and resources
  • Establishment of an observation and evaluation framework and efficacy monitoring for the PMI process
  • Planning, start and continuous implementation of the internal and external corporate communication
  • Specification of requirements towards the key players and ensuring the optimal staffing
  • Development and implementation of a suitable learning architecture for the interlinking of organizational and individual learning as well as safeguarding the PMI process
  • Continuous reflection of the PMI process with evaluation of the status quo and the initiation of necessary corrective measures


12- 24 months


  1. Achievement of strategic goals related to business acquisition
  2. Early identification of needs for correction
  3. From a causal view to a systemic view on the PMI process
  4. Warding off failure through de- trivialization of the PMI process


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