Considering the Organizational DNA within the Self-Renewal Process

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Considering the Organizational DNA within the Self-Renewal Process

The organizational ability of self-renewal plays an essential part in securing the competitiveness of a company. The foresighted self-renewal concept enables an organization to recognize and capture external signals at an early stage, so that required changes can be encouraged proactively.

A deliberate feeding of relevant impulses to the organizational communication and decision making processes allows an organization to face important developments and changes at an early stage. This strengthens the chance to timely brace oneself for new developments.

Every organization is different

In order to accomplish a successful self-renewal, one needs to consider that every organization has gained its own experiences in dealing with impulses of change. This distinct learning history decisively shapes the organizational DNA.

On that note, the DNA comprises for example:

  • Implementation of the strategy, way of re-stabilization
  • Observation and evaluation patterns
  • Patterns of problem solving
  • Routines in decision making
  • Habits in learning and change
  • Dealing with accomplishments and deviations
  • Change of change
  • Dealing with the unfamiliar
  • Methods of working out options
  • Managing paradoxes
  • Understanding of leadership and controlling an organization
  • Recognizing and managing crises

Since these individuals “genes” significantly influence the organizational information sources and therefore also the decision making processes, it is essential that they are considered within the self-renewal process. Thus, an organization is well-advised to purposefully consider the DNA, including the respective learning history. It is also necessary to scrutinize which aspects can be further used as resources or at what time a change may offer new possibilities.

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