NEXT-GEN-Leadership: Thinking and acting with confidence

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NEXT-GEN-Leadership: Thinking and acting with confidence

Thinking and acting with confidence when handling uncertainty and risk

The current challenges like currency crisis, stagnation, shortage of skilled workers, digitalization, complexity and volatility are all placing new demands, also on your management.

In future, leadership will be more about navigating than steering. Enabling is in the focus. It means to open up spaces, create opportunities and offer support to enable employees to largely organize themselves. Courage is the most important prerequisite for an open intrapreneurship culture. This includes frameworks and incentives like role models, higher tolerance for errors and a comprehensive understanding of innovation and innovation systems. Future Institute | Leadership Report 2016.

In order to meet this objective, suitable organizational structures, modern learning architectures and interactive learning platforms, which enable the formation and strengthening of neural networks of your management are required. Neuro Leadership is the keyword – with a focus on attitude and not behavior!

We have integrated these aspects into our NEXT-GEN Leadership concept.

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