Mobile Learning Injects New Impetus for Staff Development

Published by on 6. May 2013 in category Concepts
Mobile Learning Injects New Impetus for Staff Development

Facing dynamic markets, constant technological changes and growing demands for innovation, organizations have to learn more rapidly and efficiently. The interlinked learning and change processes have to be established successfully within an organization, while the workability and employability need to be retained. Continuous competence development plays a central role in this context.

Today’s working environment is characterized by globalization and mobility. However, how is it possible to start a collective learning process?

The new trend “mobile learning” is the answer. With this trend, learning with smartphones and tablets becomes reality. The web-based training tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is compatible to mobile devices and creates new incentives for sustainable learning processes on the levels “knowledge”, “attitude” and “skills”. With this innovative and efficient training method, trainees at different locations can participate in the learning process, without the restrictions of time and Location.

Innovative training tool for targeted competence assessment and development

Transparent learning success, accurate competence measurement and immediate feedback by a virtual coach – the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an effective component for blended learning concepts, which offers a training tool for targeted assessment and development of competences within the areas of leadership, sales and service. With this innovative technology, the competences that empower an employee’s performance will be developed and improved significantly. In a personal learning environment and with an innovative medium, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR makes flexible and spontaneous learning for trainees possible. The learning tempo can be handled individually. Spare and travel time can be utilized more meaningfully. The new opportunities offer a significant increase in learning effectiveness and efficiency of the required learning and change processes.


The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is a computer- and media-based training tool for targeted competence assessment and development. Trainees at different locations can access the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR via mobile devices without the restrictions of time and location. With this innovative technology, learning and change processes can be established efficiently within an organization.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is based on the findings of neuroscience, according to which individuals experience observed actions as a kind of inner simulation. As a result, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR creates an authentic learning environment by simulating success-critical situations. The learners evaluate the simulated situations. A virtual coach provides immediate feedback and helps learners understand what they can learn from the sequences, and subsequently implement what they have learned into practice. The desired attitudes and performance-related behaviors are achieved during the learning process, which in turn, contribute to business’ success. This innovative training tool thus helps sustainably increase the impact of blended learning concepts.

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