Consulting and support for mergers, company acquisitions and other external transactions.

Process Chain Mergers & Acquisitions based on Korten/Zimmel

Starting Situation

  • Search and selection of appropriate targets to generate a significant increase in revenue, company size, market shares and related opportunities to influence the market, development of new markets and integration of and investment in leading-edge technologies to secure sustainable competitiveness
  • Sale of a company in the verge of a sustainable succession process


Step 1

  • Consulting and support for mergers, company acquisitions and other external transactions
  • Elaboration of the client’s acquisition strategy (technology, special know-how, product range, extension of existing range, new products or services, entry into new markets, include or exclude competitors?)
  • Definition of selection criteria (technology, special know-how, market shares, cash flow, revenue range, earnings requirements, location, management structure, etc.)
  • Identification of target companies that meet the acquisition strategy criteria (developing a long list of potential targets)
  • Evaluation of potential target companies based on the client’s selection criteria
  • Development of a long list with potential target companies as basis for the short list in cooperation with the client

Step 2

  • Finalize the short list of companies which should be approached
  • Finding the right contact person for each potential target company
  • Establishing initial telephone contact with the owners/decision makers respectively coordinate the first personal contact
  • Check the willingness to enter into negotiations
  • Providing basic and public information about the investor and his business objectives
  • Closing the confidentiality agreement and coordinating the exchange of confidential information
  • Coordination of the initial and follow-up meetings between the parties
  • Sending letter of intent to seller to start exclusive negotiations

Step 3
We support and accompany you during the whole M&A process – beginning with the first contact until the contract is closed. This contains:

  • We accompany you in gathering the information needed for due diligence
  • We help you to identify the most appropriate parties for legal and tax advices (S&P is not involved in conducting the due diligence and does not provide any legal or tax-related consulting/ services)
  • Preparing and attending the negotiations until signing of the contract between both parties

Step 4

Post Merger Integration


12- 24 months


  1. Professional process planning and support from initial contact to contract conclusion
  2. Expectations management of sellers and prospective buyers
  3. Identification of strategically suitable potential buyers respectively target companies
  4. Ensuring the necessary confidentiality
  5. Identification of fair buying and selling prices
  6. Resource and time savings


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