Definition of strategic positioning for relevant market and customer segments

Market Positioning

Starting Situation

  • Uncertainties concerning the business and growth potential in markets and with customer groups
  • Preparation of investment decisions
  • Requirement to review established ways of market cultivation and current positioning
  • Requirement of focusing investments on markets and target groups with the highest potentials
  • With a customer segmentation according to regions, industries, size or revenue market and customer potentials are only insufficiently utilized
  • Shortcomings in offers and customer management due to a heavy product focus
  • Inefficient and not market-oriented internal processes and structures as well as unsuitable resource allocation
  • Discussions in management, marketing or sales dominated by a subjective internal view


Map for Strategic Positioning

Overview project steps

  1. Differentiation and determination of relevant market segments as well as market assessment concerning their attractiveness and competitiveness
  2. Specification of relevant performance parameters and development of a specific question/answer-structure for the online customer survey
  3. Development, test run, and launch of the tailor-made online customer survey in order to determine expectations and potentials of customers in relevant market segments
  4. Analysis of data generated by the online customer survey and development of a behavioral- and needs-oriented customer segmentation
  5. Determination of specific threshold levels and value creation potentials per performance parameter for each customer segment
  6. Definition of target market segments under consideration of market assessment and respective target customer segments
  7. Development of Value Propositions and specific offering packages for strategically relevant target customer segments
  8. Development of a Strategy Map with a clear market positioning as well as all relevant internal measures for implementation


3 – 6 months

Your Benefit

  • Up-to-date market segmentation and assessment of market segments concerning their attractiveness and competitiveness
  • Innovative customer segmentation according to behavior patterns, needs, and potentials
  • Specific minimum expectations and value creation potentials of single customer groups
  • Strategic market positioning with precisely defined target market segments and respective target customer segments to use established and future market and business opportunities
  • Set of tailor-made and standardized Value Propositions for the defined target customer segments
  • Optimized resource allocation in an internal “setup” from an integrated market and efficiency perspective
  • Specific further development needs for internal processes, structures, and resources in order to benefit from and/or fulfill market potentials and requirements
  • Strategy Map with clearly defined and reviewed measures for implementing the market positioning and increasing efficiency


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