We identify the specific potential of your most important customer segments in just 8 weeks

Innovative Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation in one or more market segments and identification of threshold levels and value creation potentials of selected customer segments

Starting Situation

  • With a customer segmentation according to regions, industries, size or turnover, market and customer potentials are only insufficiently used
  • Caused by the unawareness or misjudgment of customer expectations customer requirements are not fulfilled and/or value creation potentials are not utilized
  • Customers and/or orders are lost since customer requirements and needs are not fulfilled
  • By the over-fulfillment and/or non-fulfillment of customer expectations resources are wasted and/or value creation potentials are not utilized
  • Shortcomings in offerings and customer management due to a prevailing product focus
  • Inefficient and not market oriented internal processes and structures as well as unsuitable resource allocation
  • Discussions in management, marketing or sales dominated by the subjective internal view


Customer Segmentation Map

Customer Segmentation Map
Procedure Customer Segmentation


2 -3 months

Your Benefit

  • Innovative Customer Segmentation according to behaviors, needs and potentials
  • Specific minimum expectations and value creating potentials of single customer segments
  • Degree of fulfillment of minimum expectations and value creating potentials from the customer’s perspective
  • Insights regarding the previous misjudgments and “blind spots” through the comparison of the inside/outside view
  • Attractive and tailored Value Propositions for target customer segments and acute needs for action
  • Concrete needs for adjustments within the internal “setup“ from an integrated market and efficiency perspective


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