Global Customer Survey Refutes Traditional Customer Segmentation

Published by on 11. May 2015 in category Concepts
Global Customer Survey Refutes Traditional Customer Segmentation

SEDLÁK & PARTNER contracted for a Global Customer Survey.

In spring 2015, SEDLÁK & PARTNER conducted an online-based customer analysis for a leading certification company in the electronics industry. A total of 15,000 companies from over 70 countries were included in the analysis.

Objective of the Customer Survey

The primary objective of the analysis was to understand the requirements of the customers to better adjust existing offer structures to the different customer needs in the involved regions.

The analysis revealed that, based on the established market and customer structures of the company, essential customer requirements and potentials cannot be clearly distinguished. Customers from the same region, with a similar company size or customers that mainly demand the same product categories have very different expectations towards a certification company.

Currently, SEDLÁK & PARTNER analyses the data obtained from the online survey to develop a region-specific, behavior- and needs-oriented customer segmentation that allows to address existing potentials in a targeted way.

Benefit Dimensions of the Innovative Customer Segmentation

What can you expect from ICS – the Innovative Customer Segmentation – in 8 to 12 weeks?

Benefit Dimensions ICS

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