Establishing an Organization Correctly

Published by on 16. Aug 2012 in category Concepts
Establishing an Organization Correctly

In consideration of the capability to respond to current challenges, the leader of an organization has the responsibility to ensure that a continual comparison takes place between the existing organizational conditions and future requirements. Often, strategic repositioning leads to an ultimately clear view upon the organization-related requirements for further development.

In this context, the following fundamental question arises:

Which type of organization does the organization require, to prove its own competitive capability in the future?

This refers to the prevailing construction and design principles of a future organization. It should be elaborated, which dominate logic the organization’s structure should follow.
In this case for example, we differentiate between

  • A business division structure that envisages companies within a company
  • A primarily process-oriented organization that coordinates the events with an emphasis around a core process
  • A function-oriented architecture structuring the sub-units around clearly defined key aspects
  • Project organization that presumes that the business is primarily managed in project form such as in plant engineering and construction or in the construction industry

During these creative processes, solutions often materialize that combine the diverse logics in a very specific manner, where in turn, they accommodate the multiple objectives of strategic positioning.
Together, we mutually answer the fundamental questions:

  • How do you ensure continuous customer orientation within your organization?
  • How do you map out the communication structures within your organization?
  • How must the decision-making processes be established?

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