Innovative and Targeted Development of Competences

Published by on 12. Nov 2012 in category Concepts
Innovative and Targeted Development of Competences

Dynamic markets require rapid and efficient learning of organizations and their employees. Hence, a lot of companies are facing the challenge to reach employees and executives quickly and contemporaneously to further develop their competences in a world that is becoming more and more global. Due to time and cost factors it is, however, often not possible to begin a collective learning process for the affected employees. There is also the fact that conventional methods nowadays rarely spark enthusiasm amongst employees.

A lot of methods have already been experienced, many are trite. Thus conventional training methods increasingly reach their limits. In order to be an attractive employer – by offering contemporary personnel development on the one hand and to reach large groups with corporate training topics on the other hand – new methods of learning are necessary.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® meets the current challenges by offering a concept of learning, knowledge transfer and communication.

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is an innovative computer-/media-supported training tool, which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process time- and location-independently. It offers a learning environment, which applies experiential learning methods in a situated context to develop core competences as well as specific competences. On this occasion, competences are seen as a balanced mixture of knowledge (proficiency), ambition (attitudes) and skills (abilities), which enable an individual to achieve performance. In the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® real life situations are authentically simulated with video frequencies, which have to be evaluated by the trainee.

Due to the immediate feedback of the virtual coach, the learner can transfer the gained experience into new knowledge and, hence, develop his competences. During the training process with the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® the trainee adapts the performance which is indicated as appropriate and will be able to apply it to real life situations. Thus, his knowledge, ambition and skills will be transformed into performance. With this transformation the contribution to the corporate success can be boosted significantly.

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