Comparison of the current culture with the strategically required target culture and derivation of suitable interventions for further development.


Starting Situation

A change of culture is needed when the existing company culture limits the organizational performance, for instance in cases of:

  • rapid growth processes
  • genotypical transformations
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • generation change in family businesses


  • Determination of current culture and organizational DNA
  • Validation of survey results through focus groups and interviews
  • Identification of existing active and inactive HR and communication instruments as well as evaluation of their future usability
  • Development of the desired target culture based on strategic decisions
  • Development of a map describing the path from the current culture towards the target culture

  • Establishment of a tailored learning architecture with the linkage of HR and organizational interventions
  • Implementation of organizational and HR measures within the learning architecture
  • Proposal for accompanying internal and external communication
  • Development and implementation of efficacy monitoring
  • Planning and support of required reflection settings for the management and continuous adjustment of the culture development process


Diagnosis 3 – 5 weeks
Development 6 – 18 months


The culture becomes palpable within the organization and for the management. Needs for action for culture change are clearly shown, tailored interventions are on hand, the targeted culture increasingly becomes reality and thus supports the planned/necessary changes in the organization enhancing its efficiency.


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