Considering all three dimensions in consulting

Our consulting services are based on the findings of the Newer Organizational Theory. According to this understanding, we do not consider the people in an organization as the key levers for observations and interventions. Instead, the basis for interventions and observations is formed by established observation and evaluation patterns of the organization and its characteristic communication routines with which information is generated and consolidated into decisions.

The third mode of consulting is fundamentally different from the traditional expert consulting. Next to the subject dimension, also the social and time dimensions are equally considered, synchronized and integrated right from the start.

Subject dimension
Processing of a task-related problem within the system to ensure and further develop organizational performance.

Social dimension
Indirect processing and development of cooperation quality and the decision-making ability of the involved team resp. the general communication process in the organization.

Time dimension
Observation and design of the company development in the course of time and synchronization of different time horizons in diverse task areas.

The integration of the time dimension means that especially when designing the process architecture the time aspect is taken into account as a variable critical to success. Additionally, it is necessary to counteract the tendency of the customer system to over-steer or under-steer during the working and decision process, thus ensuring the careful balancing of acceleration and deceleration.

High dynamics in social systems

Consulting in the third mode considers the high dynamics and existing self-reference of organizations as well as the related resistance to change. Additionally, it takes into account that actors in organizations do not only pursue organizational objectives but bring a high level of self-promotion and influence into a process to achieve personal goals.

Consulting in the third mode does not happen within the customer’s organization. It takes place in a “social framework” created for this purpose, namely the consulting system. The consulting system is formed by the customer organization and the external consultants through communication without dissolving the own organizational boundaries. A consulting system has the function to generate estimations, insights, interventions and solutions for complex challenges. These can only emerge through the interaction of those internal and external to the organization. Whereas, both are affected by their specific possibilities and limitations. It is our declared aim to support organizations in recognizing internal and external challenges at an early stage and to develop appropriate process architectures that pave the way for a foresighted self-renewal.

View beyond the horizon of the industry

We do not have the blind spots of relevant industry experts. We take various perspectives and introduce experience from other industries into discussions. This ensures that organizations can develop new insights and see previously unidentified possibilities, such as potential approaches for market assessment and their processing.

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