Bridging the two cultures: China and Germany

Published by on 3. Apr 2012 in category Concepts
Bridging the two cultures: China and Germany

Congratulations to the 40th formal diplomatic relationship between China and Germany by Chinatradenews

It has been 40 years since the establishment of the mutual relationship between China and Germany. This is particular significant for the city of Hamburg, which has been the sister city to Shanghai since 1986.
SEDLÁK & PARTNER has been very proud to be part of the process and engaged ourselves in helping German companies to smoothly integrate into and operate in the Chinese market and local culture.

For more than 20 years, we have been a successful consulting company operating internationally in the fields of human resources and corporate development. We are located in Hamburg area and also have a representative office in Shanghai. Our clients include successful medium-sized companies and well-known international corporations. In consulting, SEDLÁK & PARTNER develops and implements tailored solutions based on existing experience, scientifically acknowledged models and procedures, together with customer specific requirements. Our service packages include: Business Strategies; Organization Development; HR Solutions; Family Owned Enterprises and China Packages.

We are aware of the challenges the German companies have been facing when they operate in the Chinese market. This is mainly due to the culture differences, which reflects in working style, people’s mindset, social network and market regulations. We help our clients to establish the strategies and organization structure suitable for the Chinese markets, and the communication channels in the cross-cultural setting. This will enable the clients to achieve a successful set-up and to maintain a sustainable development in the Chinese market.

Our vision is that in the coming years, we will continue to dedicate ourselves in building the bridge between the two cultures. We would like to see more and more German companies come to China and enjoy the success in China.

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