Prof. Arist von Schlippe Explains the Complexity of Family-Owned Enterprises

Published by on 24. Jan 2013 in category Concepts

For the purposes of quality assurance all consulting projects of SEDLÁK & PARTNER are regularly supervised by external renowned scientists and experts, so that it is possible to counteract the “blind spots” that a consulting company might also have.

In this context, SEDLÁK & PARTNER welcomed Prof. Arist von Schlippe at the end of 2012. Prof. von Schlippe has the professorship in Leadership and Dynamics of Family-Owned Enterprises at the Witten/Herdecke University since 2005 and is designated as expert in the field of family psychology. During his visit, Prof. von Schlippe shared his professional knowledge with the team of SEDLÁK & PARTNER and provided profound and humoristic insight into the paradoxes that family-owned enterprises have to manage.

Family-owned enterprises differ from other organizations in specific manners: They have to manage not only a company, but also a family and a group of shareholders – three dissimilar systems. Family-owned enterprises hence are facing the challenge to reconcile the different logics of those systems. This sometimes proves difficult, because different from the company’s or the shareholders’ logic, the logic of the family requires another behavior. A decision taking into account the company’s needs might seem slightly against the family’s logic. In contrast, a decision considering the family’s needs might turn out to be a bad decision for the company.

In terms of the specific conflict situations of family-owned enterprises, SEDLÁK & PARTNER develops new structures and organizational routines with the customers, and specifies the associated functional challenges. As a next step, these challenges can be transformed into requirement profiles for key players. A process architecture that copes with the different logics of the social systems, namely “family”, “company” and “shareholders” will be developed accordingly.


SEDLÁK & PARTNER provides support to the management of the three systems “family”, “company” and “shareholders” as well as for generational changes and transfer processes. We have years of experience to provide diverse solutions to various types of organizations, which are suitable for different industries.

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