Accompaniment of strategy implementation and change processes through a tailored linkage of organizational and personal learning and development processes

Learning architecture

Starting Situation

Ensuring success of an upcoming strategy implementation or change process.


  • Concretization of organizational challenges
  • Determination of involved target groups
  • Concretization of required personal competences and identification of development needs
  • Determination of necessary steps for the implementation of organizational development measures regarding content and time
  • Development of a tailored learning architecture using Blended Learning
  • Launch of the execution und accompanying efficacy monitoring based on the company-specific, defined criteria


6 – 36 months

Benefits of Blended Learning in the learning architecture

Benefits of the learning architecture

  1. High levels of efficiency through the linkage of organizational and personal learning
  2. Situation-related and targeted HR development based on concrete organizational challenges instead of HR development without specific requirements
  3. High practical relevance enables resource-efficient learning – “Perform while learning, learn while performing.”
  4. Increase of the probability of organizational development success through integration of required HR development measures
  5. Ongoing adjustment of the learning architecture to current developments and changing requirements through targeted reflection and continuous efficacy monitoring
  6. Blended Learning concepts enable the integration of organizational and personal learning with an optimal mix of learning resources

  1. Flexible and individual learning processes, irrespective of time and location at own individual pace and according to desired extent
  2. Optimal use of cost-intensive face-to-face events for interactions, reflections, and decisions during personal exchange
  3. Collection, aggregation, and compression of information for organizational decision processes supported by multimedia solutions
  4. Establishment of new communities oriented towards learning requirements through personal, web-based networks
  5. Possibility to react quickly to changed requirements with the resource-oriented provision of learning


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