25 Years of SEDLÁK & PARTNER – 25 Years of Competence

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25 Jahre Kompetenz

SEDLÁK & PARTNER is proudly looking back on 25 years of existence: In 1987, Robert A. Sedlák founded a consulting company located in Ahrensburg, which is operating internationally in the fields of human resources and corporate development and sets priorities on strategy and organizational development.

During the first ten fiscal years, the company operated under the name “integra development” and concentrated on human resources development and quality management. Within these fields, the organization executed significant projects for major corporations and medium-sized enterprises.


Starting the Systemic Consulting

Start in die systemische Organisationsberatung

With renaming the organization into “SEDLÁK & PARTNER Unternehmensberatung”, the range of services was reviewed as well. Prior to this, an intense analysis with the new system theory had taken place. New consulting concepts for strategy development, organizational development, leadership, change management as well as concepts to support family-owned businesses in relevant stages of change had been discussed and developed. This happened in close collaboration with renowned scientists such as Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wimmer, Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe, and Prof. Dr. Fritz Simon. As a result, the concept of foresighted self-renewal of organizations amongst others was developed.

Foresighted self-renewal provides specific external impulses to organizations at an early stage, empowering them in a manner that enables proactive adjustment. By giving external impulses to the communication and decision-making process, the organization will be able to take notice of changes at an early stage which increases its possibility to prepare itself for new developments and, thus, to secure a significant competitive advantage.

“We see organizations as complex social systems that filter their relevant environments and hence use the acquired information for communication and decision-making processes. All of our consultants possess knowledge about one or more topics regarding problems existing in an organization that need to be solved. They are not only capable of working on a factual level but also have the ability of treating the dynamics existing on a social level. Those dynamics are not to be underestimated and are important for successful transformation processes. In more than 25 years we have gained experience within several different industries, which ensures that our consultants don’t bring along the ‘blind spots’ frequently occurring with industry experts”, says Robert A. Sedlák, CEO and Senior Partner at SEDLÁK & PARTNER.

Interactive Training Tool to Develop and Measure Competencies

Interaktives Trainingstool zur Kompetenzentwicklung und -messung

In addition to the focus on key consulting aspects development and implementation as well as planning and supporting transformation processes, SEDLÁK & PARTNER has, since 2005, also concentrated on employees’ competence development in job families, which are based on validated requirement profiles within learning architectures and talent management. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Herbert Kellner the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR was developed in context. The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an innovative computer-/media-supported training tool which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process, both time and location independently. It offers a learning environment which applies experiential learning methods in a situated context to develop core competencies as well as specific competencies.

Unique Value Propositions Through Targeted Customer Segmentation

Value Propositions durch gezielte Kundensegmentierung

Another consulting aspect of SEDLÁK & PARTNER is the concept of innovative customer segmentation, which is based on the new system theory. The innovative customer segmentation offers a new way to look at customers, competitors and ones own strategic positioning. By dealing with the specific needs of potential customers and the characterization and segmentation which follow, organizations will be able to work out unique selling propositions for the company. As a result, the organization gets an exceptional service offer with a sustainable competiveness.

Expansion to China

Expansion nach China

With the opening of the office in Shanghai in 2011, SEDLÁK & PARTNER pursues an international orientation to meet the requirements of the current global developments and to strengthen its presence in China’s growth market. The service package “China” addresses particularly those German companies which are already represented in China or those which are looking to establish a subsidiary in China in the future.


The experience of 25 years in the fields of human resources and organizational development has influence on the concept of foresighted self-renewal. The current consulting services are classified into the fields “strategy”, “organization” and “people”. All consulting services are based on the insights of the new system theory – this eliminates a trivialization of phenomenons, which is often observable in organizations. It is our declared objective to provide support for organizations so that they are able to sharpen their strategic positioning in a way that increases and ensures the sustainable competitiveness, whilst taking the rapid and partly pervasive market changes into account.

SEDLÁK & PARTNER thanks all customers, partners and employees, who supported us and trusted our competence and is looking forward to all upcoming projects.

Further information on our consulting topics can be found here. Should you have any questions, our competent consultant team is at your disposal.

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